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Shifting Horizons - Modular refugee housing design challenge.

Organized by UNIEGIS

Shifting Horizons - Modular refugee housing design challenge.3 months left to enter
  • OrganizerUNIEGIS
  • CategoryDesign/Architecture
  • PrizeCash
  • RegionGlobal
  • EligibilityOpen to everyone
  • Deadline2021-10-18
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Prize $24000
What if we could use compact and affordable housing technologies to house refugees inflowing into the city to give them a transient shelter until the chaos is stabilized? What if we could make use of sustainable technologies that can help us achieve efficient habitats that can be economically and socially sustainable in the long run?

Brief: Create a community of tiny homes that can be inhabited by refugees from different regions around the world.

.A point to be kept in mind is that these spaces will be occupied by people with diverse ethnicities and backgrounds, so the design must generate a neutral living space. Although architecture and design cannot nullify the prejudices that refugees will face as they go through their everyday life, the community they live in must be a safe and secure haven for them, to live in with comfort.

Isolation, post-trauma depression, home-sickness are just some of the issues that refugees struggle with as they make the move from their homeland to a new place. Social interaction and communal gatherings can help alleviate this feeling of loneliness and foster unity among these people.

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